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Core Disciplines


Financial planning is most effective when approached on a comprehensive basis incorporating investment management, insurance planning, and estate planning. For these clients, we prepare a comprehensive overview that integrates these aspects into one report that is reviewed in detail and then given to clients for further discussion and thought. Upon mutual agreement on a course of action, the plan is set in motion over a series of meetings that are intended to educate and inform the clients of available choices. The process continues with routine monitoring and follow-up; changes are made as clients’ needs warrant throughout the years. 

Investment Management

Our firm develops, implements, and monitors investment programs tailored to meet the unique risk tolerance and investment goals for each of our individual clients. Using a wide range of investment products and providers, we are able to build customized, diversified portfolios to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Insurance Planning

Many of our clients have questions on how life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance fit into their overall financial picture. Our firm provides education on the types and amounts of coverage available, when or if to purchase them, and how the coverage might support their overall financial picture.

Estate Planning

Many of our clients are concerned how trusts, probate, and death taxes will affect their long-term financial goals. Our firm offers advice and education on how these areas impact the clients’ investments and wealth transfer plans.

While many of our clients fall into the comprehensive financial planning category above, we also offer the following services for specific needs:  


Planning for retirement needs is the primary goal for many of our clients. We help clients plan for retirement by developing an investment program aimed to achieve their stated objectives. Consideration is given to how cash flow, tax issues, and estate planning will impact those objectives and solutions are integrated into the plan accordingly. 


Many employers desire to provide a quality, cost-effective retirement plan (such as a 401(k), SIMPLE IRA, or SEP plan) to attract and retain employees. Our firm designs, implements, and monitors retirement plans for businesses of various sizes and in many industries. 


The increasing costs of post-secondary education provide a financial challenge for many of our clients. Our firm provides several strategies for this need and works with each client to decide which tax favored investment program would be most suitable when planning for higher education expenses for a child, grandchild, or other individual. 


Many family business owners have not planned for the transfer of their business to the next generation. As a result, unintended consequences often occur. Our firm works with business owners to help them develop a tax-efficient and orderly transition of ownership rights for the family-owned business. 

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